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"Protecting the Veterans Who Have Protected Us"

Military Association Benefits Group, Inc. is a totally different kind of company. It is a company to help veterans, their families and their companies. We are here to help navigate the complicated issues involved in dealing in the world of insurance.

MABGI is the veterans advocates in this complex and confusing area. We are here to help you understand and work through the problems you face if dealing with a claim, trying to obtain insurance, have a high risk that no one wants to cover, family member benefits transfer from state to state for active duty personnel, whatever the issues that have to do with a veteran and insurance we are there to solve those issues.

MABGI understands that sometimes the best intended programs are the most frustrating for our veterans. The Affordable Care Act, the new off site veterans hospital care act or as we call it "as the crow flies act" are so confusing that even the government and the Veterans Administration can not explain them. MABGI is there to deal with these issues and help when you need it.

MABGI is divided into three divisions: Military Veterans Association, Inc., Military Association Benefits Group, Inc. and the MABGI Insurance Institute, Inc.

MABGI was developed by Ms. Athena J. D'Uva who has many years in the corporate world, owned her own hospice and personal care company for over ten years and was in the insurance industry helping people get the protection they needed . Ms D'Uva is the Chief Executive Officer of MABGI, she is also the Vice Chairwoman of United States Veteran Educational Institute, Inc. and is a founding board members of  Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc., Ms.  D'Uva is the founder and director of the EmPowered Womens Programs at Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc., and the Work Force Development Program at Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. 

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